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When I was a child, my aspirations centered around becoming a National Geographic Photographer, crisscrossing the globe to capture its wonders.

Since I moved to Vancouver Island in 2016, I have been fascinated by the beauty of the natural beauty of Canada’s West Coast!

In 2018, I invested in a Cannon SL2 to capture moments in time and document the diverse and unique expressions of people, the richness of cultures, the beauty of nature, and the untamed spirit of wildlife.

In 2023, I completed a Drone Pilot Operations course and received my Advanced RPAS Pilot License). I invested in a DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone to elevate my photography portfolio and push my boundaries to capture moments uniquely. Engaging in this blend of artistry and science has broadened my perspective, unveiling an entirely new realm of human capabilities.

I have enjoyed taking every shot, and I hope you can enjoy what they mean to you!

Ducharme Photography

My Inspiration

From a young child, I was always around a camera; my father was constantly capturing moments of our childhood, travel adventures, and wildlife. Over the years, I had some exposure to the basic functions of his Cannon camera.

I have always been fascinated by the development of quality and technology, and I value capturing special moments. Since relocating to the Island from fast-paced Vancouver, I have made time for personal self-care and this has helped me slow down to enjoy the finer moments of our local culture. And during my solo travels abroad, my camera is my constant companion.

Positive feedback from the two albums below has ignited a newfound passion and joy in developing and sharing my work. Knowing that others can be inspired by a mere photograph is immensely gratifying. So, a sincere “thank-you” for being a part of this journey and appreciating the stories my pictures tell.

Sales (Coming Soon)

*Products will be made available for sale online in Fall/Winter, 2024.

Our prints are a perfect solution for showcasing local and exotic photography. Decorate your home, Airbnb, hotel, storefront, gift shop, cafés, and other retail outlets with wall tiles and tapestries. And postcards are a great gift for friends, and family whether they are here in Canada or Overseas. Travelers love to have keepsakes, and postcards are a super affordable way to stock your guest house and/or send them home with a little something special!

  • 5″ x 7″ Postcards – Double-sided on superior quality cardstock (gloss front/matte back) with a post stamp mark, and space to add your message.
  • 8″ x 8″ Wall Tile – Photography Décor – foam w/non-permanent (safe) sticky back strip. Can be decorated as a single piece, or combination sets of any quantity (pre-set themes available)
  • 4′ x 8′ or 5′ x 7′ Wall tapestries – Ideal for large walls such as bedroom feature walls, living rooms, ceilings, hallways, patio spaces, etc.
Postcard Variety
Bald Eagles Tile Art
Combination Set Tile Art

Vancouver Island Photography

With just over 100 photos taken from all over Vancouver Island and surrounding Gulf islands, I hope that this album will introduce you to the beautiful life of the West Coast! And hopefully, a spark of inspiration to travel and come tour with us! If you’re a local, well, you already know! And perhaps there might be something new, or just a chance of seeing from a different perspective.

*For best viewing quality, view on Tablet or Desktop. ~Enjoy!

Mexico Photography

These 120+ photos were taken on a trip to Mexico; this specific album was photographing the scenery of the Cabo region on the Baja Peninsula and Oaxaca near Puerto Escondido. The portrait images are primarily from Mexico City and Guadalajara.

*For best viewing quality, view on Tablet or Desktop. ~Enjoy!