5) H4H – Cheesecakes

The Best ‘No-Bake’ Cheesecake on Vancouver Island.

Indulge in the delectable world of Pretty Patti’s Cheesecakes.

Unveiling the ‘Easier Than It Tastes Cheesecake,’ this cherished recipe, originally typewritten as a Q-Card by my mother, promises a taste that you will be sure to enjoy!

For an authentic experience, don’t miss the Original Graham Crumb & Cherry flavor, my mother’s favorite – a true delight!

Read below for the inspirational story behind what makes this part of my business so special! And, if so inclined, please visit the ‘Social Purpose‘ page to donate to a very deserving cause that is dear to my heart.

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Pretty Patti’s Cheesecakes

Embrace the goodness of Pretty Patti’s Cheesecake and let each bite take you on a journey of flavors crafted with love and care!

The recipe I use today is my mother, Patti’s, favorite cheesecake recipe with her personal touch.

Savor a variety of flavors, including cherry, raspberry, strawberry rhubarb, and blueberry, each complemented by your choice of an Oreo Chocolate or Graham Crumb base crust.

*Choose your portion size to suit your cravings; The portions are designed for personal enjoyment, romantic sharing, and hosting larger, social dinner gatherings and parties.

  • 4 Oz Mason Jar – Snack Size/Sample
  • 10 Oz Mason Jar – Single (1 person)
  • 16 Oz Mason Jar – Shareable
  • Half Pan (8″x8″) – 6-9 guests
  • Full Pan (9″x13″) – 12-15 guests

Discover the Heartfelt Origin of Our Passion

Baking was more than a hobby for our mother—it was a source of joy. As a young boy, some of my fondest memories are of being in the kitchen with her, creating Christmas treats and birthday cakes. Mom had a special way of making us feel involved, always sharing spoonful samples that probably fueled my eagerness to help!

Our beloved mother, Patricia Grace Ducharme, was affectionately known as “Pretty Patti” for her genuine smile, bubbly personality, and kindness that she extended to everyone she met.

Tragically, Patti’s life was cut short at the age of 40 when she was murdered by her boyfriend, a former hero police officer in Vancouver, on March 25, 1996. The news reached us on my sister Nicoline’s 19th birthday, turning what should have been a joyous annual occasion into a bittersweet memory for our family.

Below, we share the poignant story of how we turned this heartbreaking event into an opportunity to celebrate, unite with our extended family, and honor our friends in a positive, meaningful, and fun way!

History of Anniversary/Birthday Celebrations

On the 25th anniversary of Patti’s death, Nicoline and I jointly decided that we would include Mom in our celebration.  It has been inspiring and fun to celebrate with others!  Each year, we strive to do something unique and special.  

In 2021, a dear friend, Brenda Morrison from Simon Fraser University, hosted an online memorial Zoom conference call with over 80 people who participated, some were just learning who our mother was for the first time!   We sang, laughed, cried, and shared music, poetry, and memories of who Pretty Patti was to each of us.  It was therapeutic and fun!

In 2022, we celebrated by sharing something Patti loved; her favorite cheesecake recipe! One of my regular clients and friends suggested the idea of celebrating friendship over cheesecake, so Enrico Winery hosted a Cheesecake Party at the Vineyard with live music and over 100 friends.

In 2023, Nicoline and I took a road trip together on her birthday to say our final farewells to our grandmother before her passing.  Though we did not do a public event this year, I have produced a photography album of last year’s cheesecake party.