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Professional Hospitality Hosting for the Cowichan Valley

Hospitality Hosting is our business and our passion; it doesn’t need to be your responsibility.


Ducharme means:

with charm’

Ducharme, my Metis-French family name, translates to ‘with charm,’ embodying my reputation as a ‘giver of happiness.’ Through integrating special touches and with our unparalleled customer service, I aim to serve you and make your experience unique, exceptional, and memorable.

Our Products & Services

Explore a diverse array of services designed for hosts and visitors alike in the Cowichan Valley. Our expertise in the area, from tourist destinations and historical context to the rich food and wine culture, ensures a safe, enjoyable tailored experience for you and your companions!

  • Airbnb Hosting, Co-Hosting & Consulting Services
  • Photography gift prints (Tiles, Tapestries, and postcards) & décor
  • Drone Art & Tech Services
  • Cheesecakes for your events, dinner parties & limousine tours

Our Business Mission

At our business, we foster meaningful connections between hosts, guests, and visitors within our homes and communities. Our primary focus is to enrich your experiences by crafting safe, customized tours that leave a lasting impression. We also streamline hosts’ responsibilities, allowing them to relax and enjoy the experience themselves. Essentially, our business lives up to its name – we are here to host for hosts.

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